Welcome to St Thomas the Apostle Primary School 


At St Thomas the Apostle we are all MATES:

Mates Are Thoughtful, Engaged, Safe.


Our school focus for 2014 is

'Lead the way

Jesus said "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life'. Jn14:6

We are called to be disciples in all we do and say.


The St Thomas the Apostle community is hard at work to create a fun and memorable fete again this year. Visit our Fete Page for all of the details.


Enrolment inquiries are always welcome. Come along to speak to our school principal, teachers and students about the outstanding educational opportunities offered at St Thomas the Apostle. Please find further details by following the link to our enrolment page. Please contact us to arrange an interview and personal tour of the school.

 School Fete


Fete Meeting is scheduled for Monday 3 November at 6.30pm.

Fete Set-up Day on Friday 7th November.

Fete Saturday 8th November 2014. See newsletter for meeting dates. Everyone invited to attend.

Fete Page

Current Events

For details of current events, follow the links here or see the newsletter.

School Calendar 

For an overview of dates for the year click school calendar.

Also view the Term 4 calendar published at the beginning of term.

Most current event information is noted in our weekly newsletter.


For online canteen orders click Flexischools. School Canteen menu.

School Council

Meetings normally held Monday Week 4 and 9 of term at 6.30pm.

School Newsletter

Our newsletter is published electonically. Please email the school your preferred email address(es) to receive the school newsletter and other important announcements, or view it here on our website.